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Philip Vermeulen

More Moiré² 




Polyester, LED lights, mesh curtain, linear stages.


More Moiré² is a kinetic panoramic installation that creates an immersive landscape of moiré patterns. A curtain of layered mesh material encircles the visitor. Two motors slowly rotate the sheets of mesh, and as the grid patterns interfere with each other, the viewer is drawn into the continuous movement of moiré patterns. Gradually, a still white void transforms into a shifting abstract landscape around the viewer.

The installation explores the dissonance between the experience of incorporeal digitality and material corporeality. It compels our senses to reset and amplifies our awareness of our bodily existence. 

More Moiré² was jointly commissioned by Sonic Acts and W139 and supported by The Netherlands Film Fund, Creative Industries Fund NL, Re-Imagine Europe, and The University of Twente.

  • Nederlands Film Festival Gouden Kalf competitie

    2020-09-25  –  2020-10-03
  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

    2020-02-21  –  2020-02-28