Metal wood conventional theater light parachute fabric
Verbógen Verbrijzeld, W139, Amsterdam, Netherlands

When first entering the pitch-dark space where Pulse is installed, one appears to be looking at a bare wall or a large, black projection screen. A soft growling becomes audible but is gradually and insistently taken over by the sounds of the installation's laboring machinery, continuously growing louder in volume. The screen begins slowly pulsating, - moving and changing as if the wall is coming alive. Movements, sensual and dark. Subtly, the lighting fades in and out in different shades of grey, light waves pushing from the center towards the edges of the space in undulating movements.

Pulse is an investigation into the smallest amount of light perceptible to the human eye, and its metamorphosis range from absolute darkness to complete light, intense enough to conjure visual illusions that place the viewers in an in-between state of the physical world and their own imagination. Pulse represents a confrontation between man an machine, addressing virtual, bodily, and sensory confusion in the digital age.