2021 - ongoing
    Reinforced fiberglass wood speaker system high-powered LED lights board computer paint.

Chasing the Dot performs poems of light and color, and as an immersive installation, it provides its visitors with an intense multisensory experience. When enveloped in a diffuse, glowing field of light and color, visitors are induced with a hyper-awareness of their own bodily reactions. The curved wall, creating a subliminal analogy to the curvature of the earth, eliminates the horizon and makes the boundaries of the light-filled space disappear.

The light projected onto the wall, and observed from a stage placed in the center of the installation, smoothly changes between different hues of blue and yellow. Initially, the changes are soft and mellow – almost imperceptible – but gradually an increase in tempo and intensity occurs, which will force the feeling of contemplation and pleasant enjoyment to give way to menace and discomfort. 

Chasing the Dot explores the immense depth and physicality of color, and the changes occurring while residing in the installation, shift the viewer's perception and experience of the space. As color manifests, light becomes material, and visitors will experience a large, dark dot materializing before them when they allow themselves to dissolve in the color.